The Motherland project

I am an artist on safari, spotting a group that does not function as a group, counting eight to ten generations, more than two hundred names. I consider these wimmin as my clan. The Motherland project is a hunt for ansisters in the jungle of South Holland. This story starts with Trijntje Vink (1741) and her four daughters in a little village next to the sea: Noordwijk aan Zee. Yes, the tracing of kinship through the female line is a long journey, a challenging process of gathering data. Today it is sunday, the 25th of October 2020. See 2011

I find my inspiration in the world of Flowers, Botanica and Morphology. The Motherland Art Project presents a meaningful kind of phenomenon which can only be seen from the matriarchal point of view. It is an observation, not an explanation, it is another reductionist approach, providing a shortcut to the past. I visualize the outcome of my genealogical research and the chain of mothers-and-their-daughters over seven generations.

Copyright Carla van Beers. Photography from the nature-nurture collection 2017-2021, made in a period of transition, leaving behind my previous project "The Glovemakers", moving towards a new project "The Motherland".

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